Outdoor location shoots could begin next month; Batmobile chase scene in the summer


Batman Superman in Detroit MichiganSome small, but still interesting bits on Detroit area filming for the next Man of Steel movie have come to surface concerning how soon outdoor locations shoots and exteriors may begin as soon as next month. There’s also information on car chase scenes- explicitly stated to involve the Batmobile- occurring this summer.

A person who calls himself “Dr. Detroit” provided this small update to Batman-On-Film.com:

“Happy New Year! I have a minor update regarding location shooting BvS. I was told that location shooting of vehicle chase scenes (read: Batmobile scenes) will not take place until the Summer. I am under the impression that other location shooting, including exteriors — in addition to studio shooting — could begin as soon as next month, but that has not been confirmed. I’ll continue to keep my ears to the ground.”

One of the location shoots is the Kent Farm in which will begin and wrap by the end of February.  Be on the watch super fans!

Source: Batman-on-Film