Batman vs Superman; The script is done and Amy Adams has read it


Amy Adams on Jimmy Kimmel  Live Jan 7 2014

It had been reported previously, Chris Terrio (Argo) had been brought on to do script touch ups for Batman vs Superman, prior to filming commencing next month.

During an appearance Tuesday night for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Amy Adams was there to promote Her. During her interview, Jimmy asked a couple of questions about the follow up to Man of Steel, unofficially referenced as Batman vs Superman.  Although Adams could not discuss any plot details, she provided a couple of small nuggets of information. (Youtube video embedded below.)

Regarding Man of Steel 2, when Kimmel asked her when she starts working, she said “very soon, but I cannot tell you anything.”  Kimmel asks her next if she’s read the script, yet.  Amy responds “I just read the script.”

Kimmel jokingly responds, “You know that Ben Affleck has asked me to play Robin. It’s a small part. It’s about time there was an old, fat Robin.”

The script is done and filming begins for the sequel in February at the sound stages in Pontiac, MI and will be there through August. Also, filming will take place on location at the Kent Farm and NaAuSay Cemetery outside of Plano, IL in February.

The next movie for the Man of Steel opens July 17, 2015 starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, Laurence Fishburne, and Diane Lane.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live