Did Batman vs Superman details on the new Batman just leak? Possible spoiler


A producer at Warner Bros may have leaked some details on the new Batman in Batman Vs Superman/ Man of Steel 2.  Or it may be a combination of truth and calculated mis-information.  For now, take this with some salt and keep in mind nothing is official until Warner Bros makes it so.

WARNING.  Possible spoiler.

If you’re still reading then here we go.

Daniel Alter, Producer of The Apparition, Agent 47, Kane and Lynch and more with both Warner Bros and Relativity, sent a tweet which describes Batman working from his home, the Bat Cave, doesn’t speak to Robin these days, and controls drones from his cave.

Parts of his Tweet have come up before: the “retired” status and not having much to do Robin aka Dick Grayson. What is new is the “drones” comment.  It’s coming from a Warner Bros Producer, so think of it what you will. 

In the time leading up to Man of Steel’s release, many rumors circulated. While some were true, it was a very small amount.  Most were bogus.  Rumors are sometimes purposeful and leak false information, other times they may be made up, or honest.  Whatever category this one may fall into, it’s still a long way until July 17, 2015.  Only time will tell.

Is this kind of Batman you want in the next movie?  Hey, maybe it will make Superman’s job easier.  Who knows!